Commonwealth Games 2018: Baki’s Silver win and Capricious Team Management

In the Commonwealth Games, yesterday, Bangladesh had two different types of feelings for. First, regrets of letting down the Gold winning opportunity in the Commonwealth Games, after 16 years for Bangladesh. And the other is the unexpected Silver win.

Previous Silver winner at Glasgow Abdullahel Baki has also won The male 10-meter air rifle in this year’s Commonwealth Games. This is the first medal for Bangladesh till now in this year’s competition. After this delightful moment, surprisingly, team management decided that Baki will not take part in the 50-meter rifle event, for which he was mainly equipped. This is not the end of surprising elements, the management of the BOA (Bangladesh Olympic Association) has saved some ‘costs’ by sending the two boxers back to home, who missed the opportunity to participate in their events because of official’s fault.

Abdullahel Baki

After the retirement of Asif Hossain Khan, Manchester 2002 commonwealth gold winner, the biggest advertisement of Bangladesh shooting is Abdullahel Baki. But Bangladesh wanted to participate in this year’s 10 meter event without the last time’s silver medalist from Glasgow. The reliance for management of this year 10-meter event was Risalat Hossain and Fazle Rabbi Munna. Baki was included in team for the 50-meter rifle event only.

The National Champion of 10 meters, Risalat failed at the Japan Asian Air rifle championship in last December. Among 26 contestants he finished at 16th, while Baki finished at the 12th. It helped Baki to bring back some of his lost confidence. After returning to home, Baki practiced too hard to get his best form. But he did not even know if he would get his favorite 10-meter event in Australia. The opportunity comes when Risalat start to have some constant poor scores in the practice seasons.

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Baki qualified for the final by standing at the 6th position. And in the final, Baki and Australian Dan Sampson’s battle for gold was the biggest attraction because the bronze-winner Indian Ravi Kumar had already fallen behind a bit for the race to gold.

“Don’t look at the opponent’s score while competing.” Baki forgot that Mantra from the coach for a moment and looked at the score of Sampson’s last shot. Sampson scored 9.3 in his last shot and took the last shot’s equation for Baki at 10.1. But Baki failed to take the pressure. He was able to score 9.7 in his last shoot, while he had scored 10.4 in his previous shoot. That was the decider for the medal and Baki able to defend his last year’s silver from Glasgow.

After winning the silver, Baki said, “I have tried to hit the perfect shot all the time, but I have done the fault of looking at the last shot from Sampson, that is why I was falling on my head, I got a little less stressed by his shot, even though it was a part of the game. If I could hit 10.1, the result would be in my favor. ”

Afterward, it is known that he will not participate in the 50-meter 3rd position, which he was practically practiced to attend. Although the country’s best shooters have always participated in more than one event. It also increases the possibilities of medal-winning too. But this decision from management gave shockingly surprise to the public.

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Meanwhile, on the day before this incident, the team management gave birth to another kinky surprise in Bangladesh’s Commonwealth Games. According to the rules, the coach or manager of all the events from each team has to attend the technical committee meeting on the day before any event.

And the coach and manager of the Bangladesh boxing team was the same persona. Because of his failure to attend the meeting, the name of Bangladesh was cut down from the boxing event. Interestingly, the two boxers have been sent to the home five days earlier to reduce ‘extra cost’, instead of accusing the official because of their fault.

It could be a mental relief for the boxers to watch the event by setting at the gallery. It could be a learning experience for them too. Boxer Al Amin emotionally said on this issue, “We could not even see the game.” It has to be on April 10, but we were sent off five days earlier, and its terribly hurting.”

However, many of the BOA’s officials are roaming at Australia’s Gold Coast by having pass cards on random designations. But the players became unwanted and burden for the team. Let us not to be surprised by this, and take it for granted as always.

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