Champions League Final 2018: Real Madrid’s Record of Hat-Trick Title and Mo Salah’s World Cup Missing Injury

The result of the Champions League Final is now known to everyone. Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in the Champions League final and making the history of becoming the first team ever to win 3 consecutive titles in Champions League.

Champions League Final
Source: Sputnik International

Although Spanish giant Real Madrid was the consecutive champion of first 5 Europa Cup championship, which was started in 1955-56, since the Europa Cup became the Champions League in the 1993-94 season, no other team was able to win more than two titles on the trot in the Champions League.

This year’s Champions League final at the Olympic Stadium of Kiev was the biggest football event before the Russia World Cup. And it was predicted that Real Madrid will try to draw all the lights towards themselves. But so many things happen in this world beyond the guess.

And with this sort of hope, maximum number spectators went to the field to support Liverpool. Of course, there was Real’s support in the gallery but the powerful chorus for Liverpool proved they had the maximum number of spectators at the gallery. But the English club Liverpool failed to regain their European crown after 13 years.

mo salah injury
Source: Sky News

The game started with attacks and counter attacks. But the main dramatic part of that match started in the 25th minutes. Liverpool’s Egyptian King Mohammad Salah was on the move with the ball, then Real defender Sergio Rames tried to stop his movements and went for the tackle on Salah. During that awkward looking tackle, both Salah and Ramos fell on to the ground on their follow through. After that moment Salah had a serious injury in his left shoulder and left the field with full of tears in his eyes. However, that tackle remains as a hugely controversial event of that match and no one was sure that whether Ramos hurt Salah intentionally or not.

After 7 minutes of this incident, Real defender Dani Carvahal left the field due to injuries and also went with crying. However, no Liverpool player was involved in this incident. After the loss of these two players, the first half of the match ended up with 0-0 scoreline.

In the second half, Karim Benzema gave the team a unique and ridiculous lead of the match. In the 51st minute of the match, Luká Modaríže’s long pass was easily gripped by Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius. He immediately went on to roll the ball to one of his teammates. But Benzema, who was just in front of him, somehow manages to put his left foot on the ball and then the ball went rolling to the Liverpool’s net. Real gets the most important leaders in the match.

But this lead did not stand for so long. In the 55th minute, Sadio Mene scored from the corner and bring Liverpool back into the game. However, the scenario of the match began to change after Gareth Bale’s arrival as a replacement player. Just after 2 minutes of his arrival, in the 63rd minute, he scored from an excellent bicycle kick and bring the team back to the lead.

Perhaps, this remarkable goal from Bale was pretty much a carbon-copy of Ronaldo’s extraordinary bicycle kick with Juventus in the quarter-finals. On the cross from Marcelo, Bale went high on the ground and climbed on an invisible upside down bicycle, then Wales forward kicked with his right foot and scored a beauty.

Champions League Final
Source: Sky News

The same Gareth Bale gave the final nail to Liverpool’s coffin in the 83rd minute of the match. But Liverpool goalkeeper Karius’s contribution in this goal was way more than Bale. Bale struck a powerful long shot from way out of the box, but Karius couldn’t stop the ball and done another silly mistake like an amateur goalkeeper. The ball went to the net in between his both hands and Liverpool conceded the third goal. This goal confirmed Real’s historic third consecutive Champions league trophy.

It is really undeniable to everyone that Real Boss Zidan has played an extraordinary role behind this astonishing history-making journey of Real Madrid. After coming back to Real Madrid as a coach, he reclaimed 3 consecutive Champions League titles. This is quite unbelievable! Indeed, it will be ok for Zidane to win nothing in the rest of his coaching career.

mo salah crying
Source: Al-Arabiya

In the contrast of joy from Real Madrid fans, Liverpool fans fall into the darkness of sorrow. So does the Egyptians. Why will they not be?

Salah was about to carry the torch of the Egyptian’s hope in the World Cup. So you don’t need to be an Egyptian or Liverpool fan to participate in the prayer for Salah’s cure before the World Cup, all you need to be a football lover.

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