Can England Repeat the 1966 World Cup?

The 1966 world cup was hosted by England and the host also lifted the world cup trophy that year too.

The social media went viral with “Three Lions” song. Why not? The English are dreaming again to have the world cup again.

England was so impressive from the beginning of the tournament. They blew Panama away with a 6-1 win. But in the next match, they were also beaten to Belgium. And now they beat Sweden with a 2-0 win.

England and the World Cup Football:

They have participated in 15 world cups so far including this world cup and also, they have played 7 quarter-finals till now. They have 1 star on their jersey. This one star tells that they are the 1966 world cup winner.

Source: FIFA

Subsequently, they couldn’t win any other world cup title. But they have played another semi-final before this world cup in 1990. So, technically this will be their third semi-final.

If we look at the yesterday’s match, we’ll surely see it wasn’t so much comfortable win for England. They had to struggle for the first breakthrough. It was just half an hour when England got a corner. Young took the corner and Harry Maguire stroke with his spectacular headshot.

5 Things to Know from Here:

  1. This goal was Maguire’s first International goal. The second goal also came with the headshot. This time the scorer was Dele Alli.

  1. After scoring that goal, he became the second youngest player for England to score in a world cup.

  2. Till now in this world cup, the three lions have sent the ball 11 times to the opponent’s net and conceded 4 goals.

  3. The Interesting part is England haven’t conceded any goal in this quarterfinal. Statistics say they have conceded at least a single goal in previous quarter-finals.

  4. 5 out of their 11 goals were from the headshot.

Source: Telegraph

After beating Sweden, Harry Kane said in the press conference, “We’ve still got to have our own beliefs and knowing what we do on the training pitch we bring into the game. But always have the little reminders in the back of the head that if you do get a foul and it doesn’t get seen, it can always get brought back by VAR.”

Harry Kane has been proved to be a key player for England in this world cup. He alone scored 6 goals including a hat-trick against Panama in this world cup so far. He can be selected for the “Golden Boot” award if England reaches to the Final.

Source: Albertsshed

On the other hand, Southgate told about Pickford, “Pickford is the prototype of what a modern goalkeeper should be.” Pickford saved three important shots and helped England to get the victory against Sweden.

Will England be able to get this world cup trophy? Who knows? This time their “Three Lions” song comes true!


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