Bangladesh Cricket League (BCL): The World’s Most Neglected 1st Class Cricket League

Bangladesh cricket leagueThe 4th round of Bangladesh cricket league, the most prestigious domestic first class, has just finished. And the most interesting thing is that only one match out of four rounds has to be reckoned for the win or lose perspective.

Many individual achievements are overwhelming the cricketing significance of those result fewer matches. Although hostile weather demolished the results of these matches for sometimes, there is always a lack of really challenging and competitive matches in this league.

If domestic cricket is the main place to learn the game, then how this noncompetitive first class cricket league will teach the regular habits of result producing matches? Actually, we really don’t know the answer.

Now many of you might say, “Hey brothers, we are now defeating Australia and England in the tests! then what is your problem? “But I’ll suggest you guys go and take look at the match summary of those matches. You might find some extraordinary performances from one or two particular players, which brought them the victory.

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There is no doubt about that. Of course, you can never justify a test team by that kind of random performances.

Now, the issue is how often we are getting the opportunity to play Test cricket? then why we are not trying to use BCL as a productive alternate of Test cricket? It would help the players to have their match practices carry on and get used to in longer version of cricket at least.

But the reality is that the board of and the top players have made this BCL as just a liability. During this league, most of the national players are engaged in international cricket, and if they do not, then choose this as a resting period. Sometimes they participated in few matches as they were helpless to play. BCL is always failed to draw the professional attitude from players unlike Dhaka Premier League and BPL among domestic cricket.

Bangladesh cricket league 2018
Source: Bangladesh Cricket Board

Otherwise, a player is talking on the phone while fielding! Such scenes are unimaginable in the domestic first-class cricket of any other country.

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Well, then where is the main problem here? Lack sincerity from the board or from the players? I prefer the insincerity of the board. Because before 2000, when the league did not get 1st class status, it was rather more prestigious to players. Like all other countries, the league performances were was well considered for the national team.

But now, it doesn’t matter how many runs are flowing from your willow or how many wickets you are grabbing, your performance will not count unless you are out of the national squad. If that had not happened, then the BCB’s thought about Tushar Imran, Naeem Islam, Marshal Ayub or Enamul Junior would be different. The consistent highest run scorer like Golam Mabud or Faisal Hossain Dickens would never despair without having opportunities to prove themselves at the international arena.

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Now maybe the context may be that the difference between this league and international test cricket is huge. In fact, who has maintained this difference? Who is responsible for its weak infrastructure, unplanned low-quality pitches, lack of technology, organizational mismanagement?

Of course, those responsibilities will not be on the player’s side. The board also accepted the condition of the former coach Hathurusingh’s of not watching the domestic leagues. It proves how much the BCB cares about this domestic 1st class league.

Earlier, the people or the media did not bother about the results of Bangladesh test matches unless the opponent is Zimbabwe. That point of view remains same for the abroad tours and sometimes for the home assignments also. Now the Afghans and the Irish have come to this elite genre of Test cricket. So, to not only have some sudden victories over big teams, we badly need a tough and competitive first-class domestic league for better test performance in a regular basis.

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