BCB says they will impose a series of sponsorship agreement for National players

The Bangladesh cricket board says they will impose a series of sponsorship agreement for National players. There will be mentioned that players cannot make any personal agreement with professional companies that deal with the national sponsor company.

BCB says they will impose a series of sponsorship agreement for National players
Source: The Independent

Robi Axiata the countries leading telecom company has decided to terminate its sponsorship deal with the Bangladesh cricket board without ending its two-year terms and Bangladesh cricket board has been forced to issue such a rule based on their decision. So that in the future no other company can cancel the contract in such a way.

BCB said that Robi had kept reservations against their leading players but despite this, they were locked in a personal agreement with the opposing brands of Robi such as Mashrafi Murtaza and Tamim Iqbal supported the Grameenphone and Shakib Al Hasan was associated with Banglalink. as the countries leading Telecom operator, Grameenphone and Banglalink are considered to be the two main competing companies of Robi.

BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Choudhary told reporters on Monday that we have decided that in the future our cricketers will not be able to join the opposition is sponsored brand of our national sponsors. Robi had a reservation on top players and before we got to know something about the issue, suddenly Robi made a decision and that is very surprising for us.

Nizamuddin also said that “it would not be easy for the players to abandon their private sponsorship contracts on the top player of the team overnight. Because the sponsor company has already invested a lot of money on the players due to their personal agreement.”

He also added that “you can never ask a player to cancel his personal sponsorship agreement.  Because after signing a deal with a player the company has invested money by thinking of different types of promotions. And if the personal agreement is abruptly cancelled then it will be harmful to both the company and the players.”

He also said that “we were trying to come up with a solution to the issue. Because Shakib still did not renew his contract and Tamim will not continue with his agreement. Only one contract that has been done with Mashrafi is yet to exist but we cannot specifically say when it will end. But unfortunately, Robi did not give us any chance to solve this issue.”

BCB says they will impose a series of sponsorship agreement for National players
Source: www.robi.com.bd

The Telecom Giants purchased the right from media planning company ‘Top of Mind’ after BCB had announced Top of Mind as the highest bidder with a valuation of 41.41 crores for the time frame of 2015 to 2017. Following its conclusion, Robi was awarded the rights of the national team for 2 years from June 2017 to June 2019.

Robi is not only the sponsor of Bangladesh male and the female national team but also as a sponsor of Bangladesh under 19 and A team. The telecom company had emerged as the highest bidder during the previous bidding process that had been 5 participants. The floor price of the beat was Tk 60 crores after which Robi have announced winners with an undisclosed amount.

Finally, Nizamuddin says that they will demand full payment of their sponsorship agreement and have already sought legal advice on this matter.

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