Barca want to inter-Champions League next round? Can Chelsea qualify next round?


Barca already ensures their next round confirmation. Tonight is like a warm-up match for them and they also take this match lightly, that’s the reason Messi will off for tonight. But for Inter and Dortmund, tonight becomes exam night. Today’s match is a must-win match for Inter-Dortmund both. If Inter Milan win tonight then they will go to the next round most probably, but there will be little chance for Dortmund if they get a big win. Or if Dortmund win against Salvia Praha and Inter lose points against Barca then Dortmund get a clear chance to go with Barce in next round.

Group ‘F’, Barca’s points is 11, and 7 for both Inter-Dortmund. Inter is ahead from Dortmund because of goal and head to head difference.

Tonight Inter Milan play with Barcelona at home. Barcelona plays the match without Messi, Dembele, Pique, Alba, Roberto, Semedo, Arthur Melo and Inter must be happy for that.

By the way, there will be also some big match tonight. Salzburg vs Liverpool, Napoli vs Genk, Chelsea vs Lille, Ajax vs Valencia.

From group ‘E’ top three teams have a chance to qualify for the next round. Liverpool has a tough match against Salzburg. Salzburg had a great run in the Champions League. Last 13 Match the lose only two games. Liverpool must draw or win or Napoli lose/draw against Genk for ensure next round. If Liverpool loses and Napoli win then Napoli and Salzburg qualify. So tonight is the tough night for group ‘E’.

Tonight also not safe for Group ’H’. Ajax, Valencia, Chelsea none of them are safe. If Ajax just win/draw against Valencia they will qualify but Chelsea-Valencia has more tough night than Ajax. Chelsea need to draw if Valencia loses or they have to win tonight. Chelsea plays their 16th Champions League and they didn’t pass the group stage just once. Hope for the best all of those team for tonight. Tough night for big teams and great for the Champions League viewers.

Today’s Match

Napoli              11:55 Genk

Salzburg          11:55 Liverpool

Dortmund         2:00 Salvia Praha

Inter                  2:00 Barcelona

Benfica             2:00 Zenit

Lyon                 2:00 Leipzig

Chelsea            2:00 Lille

Ajax                  2:00 Valencia

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