Bangladesh’s Best Ever Test Ranking and Few Harsh Realities

Bangladesh reached to their best ever position in ICC Test ranking. In the recent ranking, with plus 4 points from last year, Bangladesh is in the 8th position now. Meanwhile, West Indies lose 4 points from last year and currently, they are 8 points behind from Bangladesh’s 75 points and standing at the 9th.

Bangladesh's Best Ever Test Ranking and Few Harsh Realities

It takes 18 years to reach there. Of course, its an immensely positive news for our country’s Cricket. But how much of this achievement is exactly achieved by us? Do we really deserve this or we are taking advantage of other’s worst performance?

We will try to reveal those queries from our own point of view. Be with us for the rest.

We are playing at the most prestigious form of cricket since the year 2000. Time was pretty hard back then. We didn’t have any First-class domestic league. Even we didn’t have any sort of infrastructural facilities at the beginning.

Actually, it’s a very usual sight for any beginners. But we want to focus on our present circumstances. Our cricket has spent almost 18 years at the top level of the game. In this modern world, you can’t consider this for a short time for improvement. There is no doubt that we have improved a lot, but in the perspective of Test cricket, we are still living in the childhood.

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Bangladesh Test Ranking
Source: Daily Sun

You guys can indicate those awesome victories over England, Australia, and Sri Lanka, to prove me wrong. But can you say with hands on your chest that those were a result of a long-term scheme of our Cricket Board? I don’t think so. I would like to call them as a result of some extraordinary performance from some individual players.

Now the question is, why our Test team looks so decrepit after all those years? Who can we blame for this?

Is it the ICC? Who didn’t allow us to play as many games as we deserved to play or else, the leanness of proper plan from our Cricket Board?

Our possible answer will be, both of them. These two organizations are equally responsible for this. First thing is, we didn’t have enough Test matches in our schedule for over the years. Bangladesh played 106 matches till now; meanwhile Sri Lanka and West Indies have played 169 and 175 matches respectively in last 18 years.

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Don’t bother with looking at the overseas tour while Bangladesh is only visiting Zimbabwe and West Indies on a regular basis. Bangladesh’s tours in other countries become so rare that you can’t blame the players for their nightmare performance over there. Why is ICC keeping up this sort of discrimination while Bangladesh has a huge market for cricket? We have no clue what-so-ever.

Now its time to discuss our internal issues. We have failed to create and execute a proper plan for Test cricket from the very beginning. Till now, we don’t have any net worthy backup players for any department in Test.

Have a look at our bowling lineup. For most of the occasions, we depend on one particular bowler for a breakthrough. If he fails to deliver then our team buried in a mountain of runs, that’s for sure. Except for Mustafiz, there no other regular paceman in the squad.

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In the batting perspective, we rely on some particular names as well. If they fail to score a minimum number then the innings collapse for a below par score. But why?

While Afgan leggie Rashid Khan says that they have more than 100 leggies in their academy who deserves to play in international level, but we couldn’t produce a single one for over the years. That sounds really pathetic.

In that case, our board is directly responsible for these issues. Still, they don’t bother to take the Test format that much seriously. They are quite happy with few random wins. I am afraid, that’s not going to work in a long run. If the Board wants to continue with this sort of patchy team for all the time, then the dream of being a better Test side will always remain as a dream for them.

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