Asia Cup 2018: Salute to the Formidable Tamim and love for the Glorious Mushfiq

The scenario from 47th over of Bangladesh’s innings in their first match in the Asia Cup will be framed forever in the heart of Bangladeshi cricket lovers. Why only Bangladeshis! In fact, This scene will touch anyone who loves cricket.

Tamim, who had to leave the field due to a broken finger injury in the third over of the match, was coming to the field with a bandage on his left wrist to accompanies Mushfiq. What a sight that was!

Asia Cup 2018: Salute to the Formidable Tamim and love for the Glorious Mushfiq
Source: Bdcrictime

While Tamim was walking into the ground to bat with one hand, “Unbelievable crazy scene”! appeared in the live commentary on the Cricinfo website. Yes, Bengal Tiger Tamim Iqbal has implemented this incredibly wacky scene on the field.

This mindblowing event started as Mustafizur Rahman was dismissed as the 9th batsman of the team in the 47th over of the Bangladesh innings. Meanwhile, Mushfiq was unbeaten on 112 runs at the other ends. Tamim’s left hands’ index finger was broken by a bouncer from Lakmal in the third over of the match, so it was confirmed that he will not be available for the rest of the match. Despite a magnificent unbeaten hundred from Mushfiq, Bangladesh’s innings was about to stopped on 229 runs.

Meanwhile, the wounded Tiger Tamim was in the dressing room and something special was running inside of Tamim’s mind. He thought, if he can stand on the other side just as a wicket, Mushfiq could also get some extra runs, there is a chance of increasing team total as well.

He went down to the field in a moment while his country needed him. With bat in one hand and the other bandaged hand was clefts out of his gloves. And in front of that Lakmal, whose bouncer broke his finger in the earlier part of the match.

However, to give Mushfiq a chance to score few more, Tamim will have to defend the last delivery of Lakmal’s over. Lakmal bowled a bouncer to Tamim’s broken left-hand as well. But whoever has the courage and the impossible dedication for the team, how could a bouncer cause hin trouble! So, with one hand, he stopped the bouncer and gave the strike back to the centurion Mushfiq standing on the other side.

Tamim had faced only one delivery in his second appearance in the innings. But no scorecard can tell the greatness of Tamim’s run-less single ball innings.

Asia Cup 2018: Salute to the Formidable Tamim and love for the Glorious Mushfiq
Source: Prothom Alo

Before Tamim returned to the field, Mushfiq was really tired. Basically, he was out of his strength. Mushfiq’s body was crushed in a long time in Dubai’s unbearable heat. But seeing the injured Tiger Tamim again in the field, the tired Mushtaq returned to the spin of power.

Keeping Tamim on the other, Mushfiq started to attack the Lankan bowlers with a brand new strength. life on the bowling bowlers. In the last three overs, Mushfiq’s fours and sixes seemed to be falling in the gallery of Dubai in the glory of Tamim.

Tamim-Mushfiq added 32 runs in 16 balls. In fact, Mushfiq scored all of them. This duo added a valuable 32 runs for the team and the total goes to 261 runs. In addition to this total, Bangladesh also got a formidable momentum for the latter part of the match. When Mushfiq got dismissed as the last man, a glorious hundred of 144 runs was shining before his name.

Asia Cup 2018: Salute to the Formidable Tamim and love for the Glorious Mushfiq

Before Tamim, there are a few more examples of wounded cricketer going to the field for the team’s needs. South Africa’s Graeme Smith batted with one hand to avoid a test defeat against Australia and England’s Ian Bell once appeared with a broken leg to avoid an ODI defeat against Bangladesh. However, in this case, Tamim was exceptional, his heroic second appearance helps his team to win the match.

When Tamim’s Asia Cup ended with just one inning. But Tamim’s one-ball innings leaving a great art piece for the Asia Cup 2018. Salute to the formidable warrior Tamim and many love for glorious Mushfiq.

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