Argentina’s Shameful Loss On The Day Of Brazil’s Revenge In Friendly Match

Although the match was a friendly match, it became a revenge match for Brazil. In the last World Cup semi-final, Brazil had lost their World Cup dream to the Germans through a shameful loss of 7-1. Will Brazil be able to pay off the grievance of 4-years or the Germans will prove their excellence again? With this question of the football lovers, both teams faced each other, where Brazil took a sweet 1-0 revenge on the soil of the Germans.

First Half of Brazil-Germany Match:

Germanys goal shot in In Friendly Match

From the beginning of the match, both teams had gone for the attack. They kept each other busy by playing high pressing football. The first opportunity was for Germany. From Kroos’s free-kick Gomez headed the ball towards the goal, but this time Alisson saved Brazil. Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus missed an easy goal in the 35th minute of the match, but after two minutes, Jesus corrected his mistake. He scored a great header goal from Willian’s cross from the right side. German goalkeeper Kevin Trapp accepted his failure in front of the rapidity of the header. Then the match became very competitive from the attacks and counterattacks. But both team didn’t meet up any goal.

Second Half of Brazil-Germany Match:

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Germany was very hungry for the goal in the second half of the match. But they have been defeated repeatedly in front of the Brazilian defense. Brazil was also not the team to give place too easily. Along with defense, the attack was also managed by the extraordinary skills of the Brazilian players. They also had opportunities in 56th and 68th minutes in the match. But the German defenders did not make any mistakes anymore. As a result, the game ended up with 1-0.

Without Neymar, along with this revenge against Germany, Tite’s disciples have not only got their sprit back but also have fully prepared themselves for the World cup. After winning 3-0 with Russia in the previous match, and this 1-0 win against Germany the whole team is in a breezy mood. So, will Brazil be able to fulfill their dreams of winning the Hexa! Time will say that.

First Half of Spain-Argentina Match

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About eight years later, Spain and Argentina faced each other in another friendly match. There was a doubt whether Messi could play in the match or not but it ends up without Messi due to his thigh injury. Although having the happy memories of defeating Spain to 4-1 in their last meeting and also, they defeated Italy in the last match, Argentina team could not come back with the win. In fact, Sampaoli’s disciples returned home after seeing one of the most shameful losses of their own history. Without Messi, Di María, Aguero Argentina started to play by keeping the ball in possession. With the return of Mascherano and the intelligent play of Banega Argentina made several attacks. Even in the 8th minute of the match, finding the goalkeeper alone Argentine’s number 9 Higuain could not score. After 4 minutes, from defender’s mistake, Spain gets the ball just outside the box. Asensio did not take much time after getting the ball. He passed the ball to Diego Costa and thus Spain got their 1st goal in the match. In the 27th minute of the match, Spain got their 2nd goal from Asensio’s another assists. This time the young talent Isco is the scorer. In the 39th minute of the match, from Banega’s corner, Otamendi scored a header and finished the first half with 2-1 on the scoreboard.

Second Half of Argentina-Spain Match:


After the break, the dominance of Spain continues in the field. In the 46th minute of the match, instead of Diego Costa, Iago Asapas came to the field. In his assistance, at the 52nd minute, Isco scored the team’s number 3 goal. Three minutes later, by fooling the nod Argentine defense Alcantara scored. Before ending the relishing of the goal, Spain scored again. This time the scorer is Aaspas. In the 74th minute, Isco filled his hat-trick with the fitting the last nail in the coffin of Argentina. And with this Argentina finished with a 6-1 defeat which is of a great shame.

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