Anticipation Of An Exciting Football Match In UEFA Champions League

Finally, the quarter-final of UEFA champions league came to an end with a draw. This draw took place in the Head Quarter of UEFA in Nyon on the 16th of this month at 5 pm. The football fans had got to feel the taste of the last final in this quarter-final.

juventus-vs-real-madrid in Champions League

The last two finalists Real Madrid and Juventus will face each other this time in the quarter-final. As Real has the opportunity to get one step closer to the championship beating Juventus like before, Juventus also have their chances of getting their revenge. Defensive based team Juventus and the attacking team Real Madrid both the teams are in good shape. Overall the football fans are going to have a high voltage encounter.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid celebrating
Source: Eurosport

Though the round of 16 was quite struggling, the path to the quarter was comparatively easier for the Spanish giants Barcelona. Their opponent for the quarter-final is the Italian club, Roma. According to the history, present form and lineup team Barcelona seems to be one step ahead. But Roma is not to be taken for Granted.

Though Barca has been seen to win beating stronger teams, unfortunately, lost the championship to comparatively weaker teams. So, it’s clear that Roma will try and defend their best. Barca will try to look for counter attacks. So, Barca has their threats this time as well.

Luck actually favored for Bayern Munich as they got to face the easiest of competitors like they did in the round of 16. The Bayern players seemed to have a sound sleep while having the main attraction of this season Sevilla as their opponent. But the performance Sevilla is showing this time will surely add some inspirations for this Spanish club.

M. Salah

But above all the high voltage match this year is going to be the match of Man City vs Liverpool. 5 teams seemed to have stunned everyone by going into the round of 16 but soon the number got down to two and now getting into one after the quarter-final. Pep Guardiola’s Man City which has been dominating the entire EPL up against the team having the best forward line up this season, Liverpool. Who will get to the semi-finals, a tough call for the football fans to predict. Though Man City will lead the statistics; Salah, Sadio, and Firmino’s Liverpool will not let the thing go easily.

The first leg will take place on the 4th and 5th of this April and the second leg will take place on the 11th and 12th. All the matches will take place at 12:45 am.

On the other side Arsenal and Moscow will face each other in the quarterfinals of UEFA Europa league. Arsenal who has not been having a good season also has a great opportunity of winning the UEFA Cup. Ozil, Aubameyang and Peter Cech’s target seems clear to be on that.

Arsenal seems to be the favorites in this Europa league as they beat AC Milan in the round of 16. But the journey will definitely be easy for Arsenal as Spanish club Atletico Madrid is also on the race towards the cup and will surely give a fight to them.

mesut ozil UEFA football match
Source: Fab Magazine

In the quarterfinals, they will face the Portuguese club CP. Simon’s Madrid is also having a fascinating place in the league. Their attacking power is increasing more and more by the addition of Diego Costa also has the in-form main man Griezmann. So, like UCL, Europa league is also going to have a nail biting encounter. Leipzig –Marche and Lazio-Salsbarbagen will face each other on the other two matches.

The first leg of these matches will take place on the 6th of his April and the second leg on 13th. All the matches will take place at 1:05 am sharp.

Overall the football universe is going to have the glance of a heart-stopping chapter of football this season. Now it’s only a matter of time to forget your midnight sleeps and enjoy the matches.

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