World Cup 2018: Anticipation Between Argentina and Croatia Match

Group D, a group of death or a group of fortune! Can you anticipate? Maybe not. Statistics won’t work here. Only the performances will talk. But a guess from the sixth sense always says something different. A different result which will make this group a little bit tougher.

Argentina and Croatia Match
Source: FIFA World Cup

If we look at the point table Croatia is in the first place of this group with 3 points in hand. The next place is held by “Vamos” Argentina. They have only 1 point. The next place is very interesting. By creating a history and upset Iceland holds the next place. And the last place is for Nigeria in this group.

Can you imagine which two teams will qualify for the next round of 16? Because each team has played only one match. Croatia has not conceded a single goal till now while Argentina and Iceland tied their match by 1 goal and Nigeria conceded 2 goals by Croatia. So, it is assumed that not only Argentina fans but also the world football fans, critics will be waiting for Argentina vs Croatia match.

Argentina Match
Source: Al Jazeera

If Croatia loses on 21 June to Argentina they will be in the 2nd position of the point table and Argentina will come to the first position. If the result is reversed then this group will truly be a group of death.

But what the prediction says we have to know. We have kept our eyes on some betting sites and found something interesting which may shock you. Before telling that we may remind you Argentina and Croatia have met before once in their head to head match at France 1998. Argentina won that match by 1-0.

Croatia Match
Source: Croatia Tickets 2017/2018 Season | Football Ticket Net

A lot of speculation out there in regards to the winner of this match,
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Lionel Messi may have disappointed Argentina fans in the previous match but it’s always very interesting when he has the ball. Because something always happens then. However, it is still unpredictable who is going to win the match on 21st June. Let’s see whether the match goes for Argentina or Croatia or the match ties.

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