Anfield Couldn’t Save Liverpool!!!

Jurgen Klopp could not find the word after the last whistle of the match. He also admitted, ‘I do not understand what to say. Even if it does not look normal at all, it has to be accepted. Thank you all for this incredible Champions League. “

It is incredible! Every single season in the Champions League is incredible. Liverpool’s departure from the Champions League tomorrow in Anfield may seem incredible to many. But Atletico Madrid have to give the credit they deserve. Diego Simeone’s team qualified to the quarterfinals for their strong mindset to the struggling end of the match. 3 goals in 97 to 120 minutes, even in the Anfield -thik it!!

Atlético Madrid managed to stop a rampant Liverpool side winning the tie in the 90 minutes and then stunned Anfield with three goals in extra-time.
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Atletico Madrid won the first leg 1-0 at home. In return, Liverpool made it 1-1 after the first half. Roberto Firmino scored in the overtime when Anfield was buzzing. The quarter finals are then a touching distance for Liverpool. But then the scene changed like a banquet. Marcos Llorente and Alvaro Morata scored 3 goals for Atletico Madrid, they both came from Real Madrid age group team.

The German coach did not take the domestic cup tournament seriously. He focused on English Premier League’s only. After the departure from the FA Cup, he explained. Even the Champions League he didn’t gave more importance than the EPL. That was the main problem and they paid for it at last. However, the Liverpool coach’s “willful” night.

Atletico were saved last night for their goalkeeper. Liverpool could not, for their goalkeeper. Looking deeper, the problem is injury.

Spanish club goalkeeper Jan Oblak showed in the second half why he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Liverpool have thwarted one after another. Saved 9 total. There are numerous crosses to be stopped. On the other hand, Liverpool’s attempt to reach the last eight without  their main goalkeeper. Liverpool did not get regular goalkeeper Alison Baker for an injury to his waist. In his place, Adrian Yorent, who is responsible for the goal.

Oblak stopped all the attacks by Firmino, Mohamed Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. At some point in the match, it seems that the wall between Liverpool and goalkeeper is the only Slovenian goalkeeper. After the match, Simeon has to say, ‘He saved the match.’

Now, the Premier League is only a trophy for Liverpool. Klopp might have gotten the league title because of the huge gap at the point table. But it is not so easy  to forget the pain of losing the crown of Europeans!

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