All News Of Friendly Matches At A Glance

The friendly matches between the big teams of this world cup started with the match between Brazil and Russia. Last night at 10 PM Brazil got down to play at Russia. Brazil is one of the most favorite team in this world cup. Where they do not have good players!!! Yet, without one Neymar the whole team was looking like a bit of enormous.

In the first half, In spite of having some good attacks, Brazil did not find any goal! In the absence of finishing, Russia has also missed some good opportunities. In the second half, Brazil got their rhythm back. With Miranda’s goal, Brazil got ahead at the 53rd minute of the game. After that, the disciples of Tite started to increase the attacks.

Paulinho brought a penalty to the team in the 62nd minute, being victimized of a foul. From which Philippe Coutinho scored the second goal for the team. In the Russian coffin, Paulinho threw the last nail by himself. He scored a header from the cross of Willian.

Philippe Coutinho celebration at Friendly Matches
Source: Eurosport

Spain-Germany!!! The last two world champions have come up on the stage of world cup with the badge of hot favorite. And when the match is between them, then there is no need to say, how the situation could be of the stadium. Throughout the game, the two teams had fought equally. Every second of the match was full of excitement.

Spain came to attack from the very beginning of the match. It was only 6 minutes of the match, the number 19 Rodrigo made the best use of Iniesta’s defense breaking pass. Before understanding anything, Spain had their 1st goal on their score sheet. After a lot of attacks and counterattacks, the second goal of the match came at the 35th minute. But this time the goal goes the bag of Germany.

After receiving the ball from Toni Kroos, Khedira passed the ball to Muller who was standing just outside the D-box. Finding the free space Muller scored from a magnificent shot. Even after trying De Gea couldn’t get his hand on the ball. Then the two teams were looking for the goal, but none of them got picked up. In this Midfield depending match, the two teams were almost same in possession of the ball. Ball Possession of Spain was 52% and 48% of Germany.

Germany celebration

Argentina beat Buffon’s Italy 2-0 in the second big match. Players respected the late player David Astori at the start of the game. Argentina stumbled before the starting of the match, since their main man Lionel Messi was out of the team because of injury. Since Argentina had struggled hard to qualify for the world cup, so the absence of Messi reduced the possibility of winning the match for Argentina.

Even the first 25 minutes of the match, Sampaoli’s disciples couldn’t create any good opportunities. But then suddenly the players increased the speed of their game. Though there were no goals in the first half of the match, at the 75th minute from Lo Celso’s pass Banega scored from a beautiful shot. Buffon had nothing to do without watching the goal.

After 10 minutes, Argentina scored their second goal. Lanzini defeated goalkeeper Buffon by scoring Argentina’s second goal from Higuain’s assist. This win was very necessary at this stage for the Argentines. Before the World Cup, all of the team needed confidence, which they might have got through this match.

Argentina beats Italy 2-0
Source: Eurosport

The most dramatic match of the friendly match was the Egypt-Portugal match. The first goal of the match was on Egypt’s scoresheet in the 56th minute of the match. The most surprising player of the year, Muhammad Salah was the scorer. The Egyptian army was dreaming of winning through the lead of 1-0, but one Ronaldo shattered all their team. Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in the 93 and 96 minutes and took his team to the winning port. Through these two goals, Ronaldo scored 81 goals for the national team. He is also the third highest goal scorer in Portugal.

Portugal vs Egypt
Source: 101 Great Goals

Colombia beat France 3-2 in another match. Though having the lead of 2-0, France couldn’t win the match. Giroud and Thomas Lemar scored goals for France and Muriel, Falcao and Quintero scored goals for Colombia.

This is the end of the first phase of the big teams. Each team will play one more match on 28th in this month. So, all football lovers are ready to debate again. Now it’s time to wait.

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