A New Format of European Football is starting as ‘UEFA Nations League’

The new International Football Tournament ‘UEFA Nations Cup’ is going to increase the European International football competition. In order to reduce the number of meaningless friendly matches, UEFA organizes this campaign to further increase the competition among European national football teams.

A New Format of European Football is starting as 'UEFA Nations League'
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This tournament is going to start for the very first time in the year. But UEFA’s long-term plans and efforts are behind this. Since 2011, UEFA started work on the construction of this tournament’s roadmap. Finally, after a lot of talks, on 27 March 2014, the UEFA Congress gave final approval to this tournament.

But there will be friendly matches

This tournament has reduced the number of friendly matches but it is not completely closed. In between the group games, if any team don’t have any matches, they can arrange the friendly match if they want. Such as tonight the World Cup runners-up Croatia will play a friendly match against Portugal because they have no match today. Although, no Ronaldo for Portugal tonight.

When and how the game will be played

Group stage— 6 September-20 November 2018 (6 match days)
Final Part— 5-9 June 2019
Total team— 55
Divisions— 4
Groups— 4 in every division

★ UEFA divided 55 countries into four categories, according to the UEFA ranking. The top teams will play in the league ‘A’. In this way the below ranked teams will play in the league ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’.

★ Each Division will have 4 Groups. The Group’s draw was held on 24 January in Switzerland.

★ The teams in the bottom of the four group points list of each division (excluding the league ‘A’) will be relegated to the lower Division in the next tournament. For example, the last team of group point-table of each group from the league ‘A’ will play in the league ‘B’ in the 2020 tournament.

★ In the same way, the top 4 teams of the group’s point-table of each division, except the league ‘A’, will be upgraded to the top divisions in the next tournament.

★ The top 4 teams of the four groups of league ‘A’ will play in the final part of the tournament. Which will be held at the semi-finals, the third-place playoff and the finale.

★ 1 team from each division will get the chance to take part in the 2020 Euro finals. But this opportunity is only for the top four teams who can not pass the Euro qualification. A team from each division will be chosen from the playoffs. The top four teams who couldn’t able to cross the qualification of each division will play the playoffs. And this playoff will be held on March 2020.

A New Format of European Football is starting as 'UEFA Nations League'
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List of the League and the Groups

League ‘A

Group 1- Germany, France, Netherlands
Group 2 – Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland
Group 3- Portugal, Italy, Poland
Group 4 – Spain, England, Croatia

League ‘B’

Group 1- Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic
Group II – Russia, Sweden, Turkey
Group 3 – Austria, Bosnia, Northern Ireland
Group 4- Wales, Ireland, Denmark

League ‘C’

Group 1- Scotland, Albania, Israel
Group 2- Hungary, Greece, Finland, Estonia
Group 3- Slovenia, Norway, Bulgaria, Cyprus
Group 4 – Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Lithuania

League ‘D’

Group 1- Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Andorra
Group 2- Belarus, Luxembourg, Maldives, San Marino
Group 3 – Azerbaijan, Faroe Island, Malta, Kosovo
Group 4 – Macedonia, Armenia, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar

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