World Cup 2018: A Frustrated and Shameful Night for Argentina

Was it really shameful? Yes, it was. This shame has risen after the match. But before? From the beginning, the atmosphere in the stadium was different. It was like electric. Perhaps, nervousness entered into Messi which was clearly caught on the camera. The match soon turned into a high voltage match.

World Cup 2018: A Frustrated and Shameful Night for Argentina
Source: EPL Football Match

Both the teams were struggling to get a chance. The first chance made by Croatia at 4 minutes but they couldn’t utilize it. Then again, they got a corner. Luka Modric took the corner but Mascherano cleared the ball with confidence. Argentine fans got a relief for that moment.

Now it’s time for Argentina. The awaited chances have come. Yes, 2 chances in 11 and 12 minutes. The first chance wasn’t so much easy. But the second one! This time the magical Messi missed it which was quite shocking. It was like stunning that Messi missed it!

But the biggest chance was created in the 29th minute. This type of chance doesn’t come like a guest. Oh! dear Perez. What have you done? You had only one Croatian and the goal. It would be a better choice if you would have sent the ball wide.

argentina vs croatia goal
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Only Argentina missed big opportunities? No. Croatia also missed two big opportunities just before the half-time. First, Rebic missed the chance and then Modric in the additional time missed another golden opportunity.

These misses weren’t so long for Croatians. Finally, the bell was rung by Rebic. But, 90% credit goes to the Argentine goalkeeper, Willy Caballero. Ah! What an assist by him. He just gave a chicken to the fox to take a good care of. This turned into a nightmare for the whole Argentine fans and players. Tell us what you would have done. What else? Rebic took the first lead for Croatia without missing this time.

Then Argentina called for a substitution. Pavon replaced Salvio and Gonzalo Higuain for Aguero. This change made a little bit laugh for Argentina haters. Meanwhile, Croatia also took off the goalscorer Rebic by Kramaric.

argentina vs croatia goal
Source: AS English – Diario AS

Again, a Big Chance for Argentina at 63rd minutes. This was also an opportunity to level the score. But the Croatian defense interrupted. First, Higuain picked up the ball and sent it back to Meza. His shot was rebound by Sebasic to Messi. Again, he missed. This time, Rakitic came as a savior and he cut off it for a corner. The corner went in vain for Argentina.

After conceding one goal Argentina got furious and the camera caught some tempted moments. Messi himself also lost his control.

Maybe Argentina had forgotten that football is a team effort game. They can’t just rely on one Messi. Then in the 80th minute of the match, a Tornado came to Argentina. This time Luka Modric was the tornado. What a spectacular shot from 30 yards! A dive by Caballero couldn’t save the ball to stop.

Finally, the Hurricane came. Rakitic took this Hurricane with him in the additional minute. The Argentine fans burst into tears. Messi was trying to lurk his emotions. But what can they do when a Hurricane comes?

argentina vs croatia
Source: Sputnik International

This group has really turned into a group of death. Neither the draw happened. Just a defeat of 3-0. The equations became more complex. The last match for Argentina will be a Do or Die. Argentina will need to wait for Nigeria vs Iceland match. But they will also need to wait for Nigeria vs Croatia match. On 26th June, it will be clear who is going to play the round of 16 from Group D.

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