International Champions Cup: 26 Shots in Tie-Breaker!! It’s Like a Drama

Revenge took after 14 years. AC Milan vs Manchester United match in International Champions Cup (ICC) was a dramatic tie-breaker match. And Manchester United won the match by 9-8 goals in tie-breaker.

It was the first match for The Red Devils and they started with a win. But that match was very special for tie-breaker.

It was not the first time that AC Milan and Manchester United gave a long tie-breaker match. 14 years ago, they made the same score sheet.

But that time the happy team was AC Milan and this time the happy team is Manchester United.

Actually, when the match started nobody could have imagined what would be waiting for them. The first goal happened at 12 minutes by A.Sanchez.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

J.Mata gave a great pass to A.Sanchez and he had a great finish. After 3 minutes, Milan returned the goal. That goal was also a great goal.

This time Bonucci passed the ball from midfield and Suso did a good finish. And that’s all in 90 minutes game.

Nobody could score after 15 minutes of the match. No teams were playing much better from another. Milan’s shots possession were more than United but their shots on target were lower than United.

After 90 minutes, the real drama was started. United started the tie-breaker and they scored 3 goals and then missed 3.

On the other hand, Milan also missed their chance. In that way, penalties were taken one after another.

United’s goalkeeper Joel Pereira took one shot and he missed it but saved some penalties. Every player took at least one shot. Some player took double.

Source: The Peoples Person

At last, Kessie took his second shot and he missed it. And Manchester United won the match.

Manchester United and AC Milan both teams used their all squad. Mainly penalty shootout was hilarious to watch.

Andreas Perrier did very well. Mourinho should give him a chance in the next season rather than sending him out on loan again. A. Sanchez did good performance; hope he will continue his performance in the new season.

Source: GiveMeSport

International Champions Cup is a warm-up tournament. Every team gives chance to their players.

Manchester United started with happiness. On the other hand, AC Milan started with bad luck.

Though they didn’t play badly. By the way, it was a perfect revenge for Manchester United. Revenge took after 14 years. And a very good match finished at tie-breaker drama.

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